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Appleseed Energy’s belief is simple: switching to solar energy is good for the environment and customers’ pocketbooks.

Gloria Hill, Appleseed administrator and co-owner, explains, “Obviously, solar is good for the environment because it saves on greenhouse gasses, and you make your own energy on your roof. It’s good for your pocketbook because you get rebates through the federal government and an interest-free loan for 10 years.”

Brian Rose, Appleseed Energy president and co-owner, adds, “after 10 years it’s free for 15 more years under warranty.”   

Starting out in 2011, Appleseed Energy, which is based out of Janvrin’s Island, has installed hundreds of Solar PV Arrays for customers throughout Cape Breton, Antigonish and Guysborough counties, and even as far away as Truro.

Specializing in both roof- and ground-mount arrays, Appleseed Energy sources the highest quality products on the market at the best possible price.

Rose adds, “And solar is something you don’t have to spend a lot of money maintaining … It’s just absorbing photons from the sun.”

A two-storey house in Antigonish with solar on both sides. PHOTO CREDIT: APPLESEED ENERGY

Rose says solar panels and many other products they install come with a 25-year warranty. And since the systems can be monitored electronically by both the company and customer, Rose says, Appleseed can quickly diagnose and repair any problems that may arise.

“We can look online and see exactly where the problem is because each panel is monitored individually with the microinverters. We send a crew, they go up on the roof, they find exactly where the problem is … they’ll repair it and put the panel back down.”

With extreme weather events becoming more common on the East Coast, Rose said Appleseed Energy stands behind the durability of their products and installation methods. Citing Hurricane Fiona, he said they heard from competitors’ customers that they had sustained significant damage to their systems during the storm.

“We had only one ground mount issue out of the dozens and dozens of ground mounts we’ve installed,” Rose says.

Rose considers the installation of a solar system a long-term investment.

“In 10 years, who knows what the power rates will be, but (solar) is going to be very, very valuable for a long period of time.”

To learn more, it’s as easy as calling Rose.

“He talks to them about what their expectations are, what their roof is like, what their house is like, and he gets a feel for whether solar is appropriate for them,” Hill said.

After answering questions, Rose conducts a home energy assessment. If they move forward,  “we apply for the permits … they would have to get a home energy audit done and then they would apply for the interest-free loan.”

For more information on Appleseed Energy, visit, phone 902-227-8220 or email [email protected]

Solar panels on a garage. PHOTO CREDIT: APPLESEED ENERGY
Solar panels on a garage. PHOTO CREDIT: APPLESEED ENERGY

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