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In a significant milestone,, the social enterprise arm of Bechtel, announced a major achievement through the Health Electrification Telecommunications Alliance (HETA), a public-private partnership it is part of. HETA has successfully brought clean and reliable solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to more than 300 health facilities in Tanzania, Eswatini, and Nigeria. This initiative, spanning multiple years, aims to address the challenge of access to electricity for essential healthcare services in underserved communities across Africa.


The installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems marks a pivotal step in improving health outcomes in these regions by providing electricity to power vital healthcare services. Through the conversion of thermal energy into electricity, thousands of health facilities have been digitally connected, facilitating better healthcare delivery.

jinko’s field engineers played a crucial role in overseeing the delivery of 23 solar systems across 15 districts in Tanzania. Collaborating closely with other HETA partners like Abt Global, they developed essential frameworks for quality standards, safety protocols, maintenance procedures, and a long-term plan to electrify thousands more facilities. This involved reviewing numerous design solutions, training local service providers, and engaging various public and private stakeholders. The tailored approach in each country was fundamental to the success of this expansion.


Frank Fernandez, Project Manager of, emphasized the importance of flexibility in addressing the unique social, economic, regulatory, and political circumstances of each community. He stated, “There’s no cookie-cutter approach to this. Each country, province, or community has a unique set of circumstances that require a high degree of technical flexibility.”

Upon completion, the solar systems in Tanzania were handed over to the Christian Social Services Commission, a major healthcare provider in the country. These installations provide solar power and digital connectivity, enabling extended hours, additional lifesaving services, and the digitization of medical records for health facilities and the communities they serve.

With HETA poised for expansion across Africa, remains committed to providing continued support in supplying healthcare infrastructure for communities in need.

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