Daniel Turner: The Best Thing You Could Do For Solar Panels Is Allow The Free Market To Implement Them – FOX News Radio

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Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future Daniel Turner joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share his thoughts on why many of the green energy initiatives being pushed by the Biden administration are so unpopular.

“Solar panels, the best thing you could do for them is allow the free market to implement them. But by giving them $7 billion and saying your household have to have solar panels on your roof, you’re not getting a better product. The free market is what makes products great. So if they want electric powered stove, electric powered cars, the best way to have them come about into fruition and in a sustainable way, I love the word sustainable, is to allow the free markets to do it. When that Secretary of Transportation, Buttigieg, a couple days ago on a Fox program said, it’s like back in the 2000s, when the people wouldn’t give up their landline because they were afraid of cell phones. And he smirked because he has disdain for regular America. And I wanted to say, but, Mr. Secretary, the government never forced you to get a cell phone. They never gave you $7 billion worth of incentive to buy a cell phone. The free market made the cell phone great. It would do the same to wind and solar if they allowed it.”

Daniel also tells Jimmy about how his organization has decided to reclaim Earth Day. To hear everything they discussed, listen to the podcast!

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