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In a significant move towards energy sustainability, GPIC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Engineer Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, officially inaugurated the company’s Solar Energy project. The project marks a crucial milestone in GPIC’s commitment to utilizing renewable energy sources, aimed at environmental preservation and pollution reduction.


The project, part of GPIC’s broader strategy to diminish its carbon footprint and align with the Kingdom’s ambitions for carbon neutrality, involves the installation of solar panels atop the employee car park. Leveraging Bahrain’s favorable weather conditions, the initiative capitalizes on the abundant renewable energy resource available.


The inaugural ceremony, attended by Chief Executive Officer Engineer Yasser Abdulrahim Alabbasi, executive management members, and senior company officials, saw Engineer Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed commend the collaborative efforts that brought the green project to fruition. He emphasized its significance in realizing the Kingdom of Bahrain’s vision for a sustainable future, highlighting that the new solar energy system is expected to generate approximately 2,900 kilowatts per hour per day, facilitating energy savings and environmental preservation.


In response, Engineer Alabbasi outlined the management’s determination to execute GPIC’s 2040 Strategic Plan, aiming for a gradual transition to alternative energy sources. He expressed the company’s eagerness to explore avenues for expanding the solar energy project in the future to amplify green energy production and environmental protection.

Detailing the technical aspects, Alabbasi noted that the solar energy system, integrated within the car park’s roof structures, was installed by a prominent Bahraini firm specializing in renewable energy systems. Anticipating an annual energy production of 1,072 megawatt-hours, he emphasized the pivotal role of the project in GPIC’s energy strategy. A real-time energy indicator screen installed at the car park entrance will enable precise monitoring of energy savings and environmental impact throughout the year.

In conclusion, both Chairman Engineer Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed and CEO Engineer Yasser Abdulrahim Alabbasi commended the Bahraini expertise pivotal to the project’s success. They expressed anticipation for the implementation of more renewable energy projects under GPIC’s 2040 Strategy, further solidifying the company’s commitment to sustainability.

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