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The Solo 3S aims to address growing concerns around the cost of energy by taking advantage of solar power to keep consumer costs down. Solo 3S users can choose to charge their EV either exclusively with solar energy or combined with electricity from the National Grid.

With 87 percent of EV drivers expressing an interest in owning a solar power-compatible charger, even prior to acquiring solar panels, the Solo 3S has been designed by Pod Point with this in mind. Customers will also avoid a costly charger upgrade fee should they decide to install solar panels in the future. Once the panels are installed, drivers can switch from a grid supply to solar power by simply activating the solar charging mode in the Pod Point app.

The Solo 3S smart home charger works by using excess energy generated from the home’s solar panels and channelling it to the charger. The charger only redirects the excess power generated, ensuring that essential household electronics and sockets retain priority, while the charger utilises the remaining surplus.

The Solo 3S is covered by a 5-year warranty as standard if purchased direct from and installed by Pod Point. As with previous versions, once connected to WiFi, the charger can receive over-the-air software updates to access new features without needing to change the physical charger. It can also receive software updates for optimal performance and allow Pod Point’s support team to perform remote diagnostics.

The Pod Point App’s charge activity monitoring feature provides insights into energy usage, enabling drivers to determine how much energy they are using to charge their vehicle and the associated costs over a specified period of time.

While EV charging is typically cheaper compared to refuelling with petrol or diesel, the switch to solar energy means Solo 3S users can effectively charge their EVs for free, giving them peace of mind over the cost and renewable source of the energy powering their vehicle. Over time, this could allow drivers to offset the upfront costs of the charger itself. 

“Many of the UK’s EV drivers will have chosen to drive a vehicle in order to lessen their impact on the environment and many will want the greenest possible solution when it comes to powering their car” said Pod Point’s Chief Technology Officer Arjan van Rooijen. “These worries are often compounded with the rising cost of energy, which continues to have an impact on all of us. Driving shouldn’t cost the earth, and we’re excited to launch a solution that addresses the problems EV drivers face by making charging easier and more affordable.”

The Solo 3S launch coincides with the introduction of an all-new Pod Point Installer App, a comprehensive resource designed specifically for installers, and set to significantly enhance the ease and efficiency of installations. Pod Point’s Installer App is a one stop shop streamlining the installation, set up and registration process for the Solo 3S home charger.

Once the setup and registration process has been completed, the app allows Pod Point customer services to deliver remote support on the installer’s behalf. The app also contains informative guides, technical specs, and FAQs tailored to the Solo 3S, allowing installers to resolve issues quickly on site, saving both time and money.

The Solo 3S, which comes in an updated aesthetic with a darker design, will be available to order via the Pod Point website from 02 May 2024.

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