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Chennai: More govt buildings including collectorates, commercial tax offices and court complexes in the state will generate green energy this year as the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) has floated a tender to install grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. TEDA aims to install systems of 20MW at a cost of 120 crore in 2024. Those who get the tender will install and maintain rooftop solar PV sytems for the next five years.
TEDA officials said that it had been approached to install rooftop PV systems on nearly 100 govt buildings.“The number will go up as the tender is finalised,” said an official. Tangedco itself has rooftop systems on its buildings in Chennai and other districts and on EVK Sampath Maligai on College Road, TEDA’s office. The govt has installed 973 grid-connected solar power systems on educational institutions, hostels, and hospitals. Besides, it has set up 74 solar PV systems for public lighting and 78 worship places have rooftop solar panels installed. In Chennai, Anna Institute of Management, Tamil Nadu Medicinal Plant Farms and Herbal Medicine Corporation Ltd, and highways research stations had installed rooftop solar PV systems recently.
Universities and govt schools in various parts of the state have also got rooftop solar PV systems installed under the capex model with a combined capacity of 1,916 KW. The solar power generated from these systems gets injected into to the grid, which reduces the power bill of the buildings apart from increasing the green energy quotient in the overall energy mix.
TEDA has facilitated implementation of renewable energy projects with a cumulative capacity of 74.28 MW of medium and small level projects. This includes 57.28 MW in domestic rooftop solar PV systems and 17 MW of wind projects. Tamil Nadu has set a target of 9,000 MW cumulative installed solar energy capacity, divided into targets for utility category solar (5,400MW) and consumer category solar (3,600 MW).

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