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PANAJI: With the aim of generating 20 megawatts (MW) of captive solar power in the state, Goa state industries association (GSIA) will hand-hold local manufacturing units to adopt rooftop solar power plants.
GSIA said that in the current market solar panel prices are at a historic low which creates an “unprecedented opportunity” for industries to invest in solar power infrastructure.”Through collaborative efforts and creating awareness we are confident of achieving our goal of 20 MW of new solar capacity in the near future,” said Anirudh Dempo, president of GSIA.
Dempo said that GSIA’s initiative is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, enhancing energy efficiency, and promoting renewable energy adoption among industrial units. He said that there is a “favourable economic environment” for manufacturing units to transition towards sustainable energy.
Dempo pointed out that the state and central govt’s offer incentives to encourage widespread adoption of solar power among smaller industrial units.
“The implementation of rooftop solar plants reflects our dedication to fostering sustainable industrial practices and driving positive environmental change. Adoption of solar energy is not only environmentally sustainable, but also economically favourable. There is no reason to not do it,” he said.
GSIA will follow a cluster approach for rooftop solar power plants which will help aggregate demand and build scale while also helping negotiate favourable pricing terms with solar energy systems providers. “This approach can potentially reduce prices by over 15%, making solar power more accessible and cost-effective for industrial stakeholders,” said Dempo.
A 1MW prototype has already been installed at the Pilerne industrial estate to demonstrate the feasibility and scalability of the proposed rooftop solar plants. This, said Dempo, paves the way for broader implementation across industrial clusters in Goa.
Industries would be able to recover the cost of the solar power plant in three and a half years, which will benefit long-term sustainability and cost savings, said GSIA.

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