New two-faced solar panel tech offers more power and a 70% price cut – Interesting Engineering

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Their flexible perovskite panels have electrodes made of tiny carbon nanotubes. These can generate more power with greater efficiency and at a cost 70% lower than existing solar panels. University of Surrey

Amid the scramble to develop sustainable means of energy, there still is a focus on getting more energy without overspending. Now, a new advancement in solar technology shows that we can cut prices by up to 70%. Scientists at the University of Surrey have found a new kind of dual-faced solar panel promising both efficiency and affordability. 

The panels are made from flexible perovskite panels and have electrodes made of minuscule carbon nanotubes. They are shaping up to disrupt how solar energy is produced and utilized. Dr. Jing Zhang, a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, explained that the bifacial cells can harness sunlight from both their front and back panels. 

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